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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  March 23, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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an enduring hollywood icon passes away. elizabeth taylor died today at the age of 79 of congestive heart failure. >> she was known from her eight marriages to her humanitarian work for aid. >> i i really think she is last of hollywood legends, from child star to oscar winner. she was called the most
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beautiful woman in the world. her career, her marriages and timeless ago virtually is being remembered today. >> she was just 12 years old when she made her film debut in national velvet. she captivated audiences with her voice. >> she made a memorable films with monitor clift and paul newman in cat on a hot tin roof. she won the first of two academy awards for but thefield 8. she accepted the offer after a life-threatening illness and oscar came for who's afraid of virginia wolf. >> he starred after her husband richard burton.
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is their romance was worldwide tabloid fodder. they divorced twice. >> it was everything too much. we loved each other but it was too much. >> eight husbands including the eddie fiber. her last husband she met at the betty ford clinic. >> i consumed inordinate amounts of alcohol and combined with pills it was deadly. >> they married at neverland ranch. she was be plagued with dozens of serious health problems. she then became involved national fight against aid and she raised more than $200 million. >> we will fight the odds and win because it was right to do
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so. >> and she was very helpful in raising funds and raising awareness at a time when most entertainers stayed away from aids. >> and fashion show in san francisco, one year, she also became the image of her own perfume. her later life was given to cause but we never stopped being fascinated by elizabeth taylor. >> her son released this statement. my mother was an extraordinary woman that lived life to the fullest that lived with humor and love. we know simply the world is a better place for a mom having lifted there. her spirit will always be with us and her love with be in our hearts. elizabeth taylor was 79 old. >> kristen: barbara walters
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called her an extraordinary friend. she interviewed taylor many times over the years and offer they discussed death, marriage and men. >> you have said that you loved be in love. >> i think i've had it. >> what about marriage? >> -- oh, god, no. >> you've said that before. >> but i now, i really mean. >> it have i ever thought what you wanted on your tombstone? >> she liked to live and, here lies busy let's, she hated being called liz. [ laughter ] >> but she lived. >> now, we have a slide show of elizabeth taylor on the front page of our website at
11:05 am >> cheryl: turning to other news. geologists say it's going to take weeks to clear a rock slide. residents have managed to create a temporary road to get their cars in and out and expert geologist will take a look at the slide to see how to clean it up. monday's massive slide could even get worse as rains continues. there will be a meeting at 4:00 on nelson road at the sheriff's communication center to update residents on the slide and the potential fix. with the ground saturated after days of rain and more on the rain, flooding and mudslide are affecting people in the bay area. amy hollyfield has a look in the oakland hills. >> reporter: it's wet out he here. they have closed a trail in the east bay hills. this is huckleberry preserve and they are checking on other spots to see if they are safe.
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here is shot of what happened deeper into the trail at huckleberry. a tree came down and took a chunk of the trail with it. officials are worried they will see more these coming down. geologists say the ground is now 95% saturated, up from 90%. more rain is coming so the question is where all rain going to go? we should see widespread shallow mudslides which is why they are in constant motion today. >> waking checking trails for trees. right now you can see the storm door is open and saturation, kind of lining a sponge, we reached capacity. we have had a lot of trees fall block trails and we have crews out to see what trails we can keep open. >> reporter: here is an example. this is a slide that happened.
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you can see it takes time to carefully pick up after tease slides. there were four slides over the weekend in oakland. they are working cleaning those up right now before the next storm. a spokesperson said that it's so important to to can clean the drains and culverts. check on the progress of that storm. let's turn it over to mike nicco >> thank you very much. good news. any slides today that will be caused by winds probably negligible. the winds are not as fast as they were this morning. fastest wind this morning is 14 and everybody else slower than that. that is the good news out of the wind department. as far as the rain, heaviest around the monterey bay and heading over to the morgan hill and up to diablo, dublin,
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pleasanton and livermore and brentwood and antioch. around the bay right now, light shower heading across the bay bridge over towards berkeley, alameda and oakland. that is what we can expect the next couple of hours. just off the shore that will be rotating southwest to northeast. heavier rain will be coming in tonight. details in just a minute. >> kristen: main highways heading into sierra are open but chains are required once you hit the snow. drivers aren't getting anywhere very fast. this caltrans camera shows truckee. there is a bit of back-up and traffic is moving slowly. safety on highway 50 heading into south lake tahoe. it intersects at ski run and myers. road is clear and traffic is moving along just fine but more snow is coming down right now. we have breaking news from here, where the eiffel tower has been
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evacuated in paris because the suspicious piachblg. it was found beneath the tower. 4,000 tourists were visiting. a caller said the monument would be blown up 10:00 a.m. our time and that, of course, has not happened. the eiffel tower in paris is evacuated right now. >> cheryl: in the meantime new testimony in the barry bonds federal perjury trial from a former childhood friend. steve hoskins testified for the prosecution that bonds lied to a grand jury saying that he did not use performance enhancing drugs. >> reporter: they are unveiling their case, steve hopkins on the stand and he is testifying that he took care of hundreds of thousands of cash for barry bonds paying it out $2,000 to $5,000 per time to two of
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mississippi treasuries as well as the trainer greg anderson. take a look of steve hopkins. very soft spoken guy. they reconnected in '92 and then in 399 as he was working as a personal assistant, bonds, he testified, asked him to check out the health consequences of steroid windstall. he went to dr. king who was one of bonds' physicians, got information from him and brought to it bonds in the locker room. so the centerpiece have what mr. hopkins is going to testify is a recording he made that allegedly has bonds talking about injecting steroids. joining us now, legal analyst dean john and it all led up to the recording which has not been presented in the court. what is going on as far as the
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prosecution case right now? >> every lawyer knows the rule of primacy, first big piece of evidence is the one they remember best. so they want to drop a bomb of a recording of barry bonds and greg anderson talking about the use of steroids. if they can deliver on that, that will set the tone for the state and very indicate a shift of momentum toward the prosecution. >> reporter: to that end there was also some examination of irs agent jeff novitsky. they were asking him about the transcript of the recording, recording is not a really clear quality. there is dispute what exactly is being said and three sets of people had to get together? >> the recording is what it is. it doesn't depend on any
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witness. the only way for the defense, what you think you are hearing is not what you are really hearing. it really doesn't say what the prosecution says it says. ultimately it's going to be up to the jury to take the recording back to the jury room and decide for themselves whether the prosecution has delivered on its promise. >> reporter: heather ishimaru is in the courthouse and she is going to have a recording of the tape made and that will be on at 5:00 and 6:00. >> cheryl: researchers find a new link between exercise, fat and the rick of heart attacks. >> a new health warning in japan who is being urged not to drink
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld nato forces will take control of air force in libya h they are attacking gadhafi troops that have been storming population centers. a top u.s. general says the coalition is getting to the mechanized forces as well as ammunition and supplies for government troops. reports say the attacks have forced government toonks roll back from a western city of misurata. >> japanese officials are telling parents not to let
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infants drink tap water because radioactive iodine is considered more than twice considered safe for babies. residents cleared store shelves of bottled water after the announcement. >> you don't want to mix formula with this water and you don't want nursing women to have this water. >> kristen: new evacuation of the fukushima daiichi planted after black smoke was seen billowing from reactor 3. "wall street journal" is reporting there is some reports of scattered looting in the areas hit by the tsunami including the kirnbeer factory. >> mike is ahead of the forecast. >> we're looking at rain. >> we're seen light showers including possibility of looking into and dry weather in the forecast. >> all right. thanks a lot. also how much more eating when
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we don't get enough sleep and the food we're most likely to eat when we're tired. >> cheryl: did you get an invite to the royal wedding? you can't watch it on tv? we'll show you how you can catch the entire event including the vows.
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different take on the phrase on things can kill. sudden moderate or intense activity increases the risk of a heart attack. people are 2.7 times to suffer a heart attack during sex or right after. researchers say people need regular physical activity to strengthen the heart. another study suggests if you want to lose weight try getting more sleep. university researchers monitor the eating habits in 26 normal
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weight men and women and sleep deprived women eat 229 more calories a day. sleepy men eat 263 more calories a day. and they tend to go for fatty foods, ice cream the top choice. >> mike nicco was shaking his head saying he is never going to get enough sleep. >> so we'll xra consume the extra calories. >> ice cream. >> dough us. >> and let's go to tahoe, up in heavenly, that will burn this some weight off you. still getting snow and still have a winter storm warning. we'll show you details. it's quieter up there right now. as far as back home, san jose just after a rain shower. see some of the drops on our lens down there as we look from
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the san jose bureau. we'll take about rainfall amounts, two-thirds of a than in of, santa rosa and half an inch around san francisco quarter of an inch in dublin. san jose half an inch and round it out by looking at mill valley more than an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. right now the radar is showing a drying trend as the cold front has pushed through most of the area. scattered showers this afternoon. like this one moving through berkeley heading to the north. watch out vallejo, martinez and possibly pleasant hill. upper 40s around san rafael and los gatos. low to mid-50s for everybody else. upper 40s to low 50s around the monterey bay. highlights, rush hour, possibly thunder and breezy conditions and cooler than average. big deal, heavier rain, thunderstorms, small hail, flooding that is likely to accompany hit and finally the
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pattern shifts. today temperatures about 10 degrees below average, mid to upper 50s. ukiah around sea degrees. monterey bay, upper 50s. inland may touch 50 in gilroy. low to mid 40s tonight. notice some of the snow falling, that is on mount hamilton. here is a look at the cold front pushing through taking the stronger storms witness. behind this, all eyes on this storm has it slides down the jetstream and picks up energy and moves in tomorrow. here is a look what is going to happen the rest of the day. scattered showers, you should be able to spend a little time outside. next system will come in for the morning commute. that is when the heaviest rain will fall and most likely time period for mudslides and rock slides. friday morning, scattered showers even into friday afternoon. next system moves in friday night for saturday morning. rainfall amounts about one to two inches through tomorrow night and three to five in our
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mountains and winter storm warning for several feet up in the sierra through friday morning. accu-weather seven-day forecast, once we get to sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, away from the coast. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. >> cheryl: everything royal. britain's royal wedding can go straight from westminister to your personal musical play list. the entire wedding ceremony will be digitally released to online music retailers such as itunes within hours of service. it will include their vows to each other and all the music from the ceremony. a physical album will be released and no word on how much it will cost. >> we'll be right back.d
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recalled vehicles and effort to stop companies from renting them from unspeck go drivers and bay area has reached the saturation point from all the rain. >> kristen: all clear has been given at the eiffel tower where there was an earlier bomb threat. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> bye-bye.
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